Week 2: Choosing a direction

The main task this week is to choose a research problem around which the project will be based. The process we need to go through is illustrated in the Problem┬ápage of the blog. We began this process on Monday with some brainstorming on possible problems we’d like to investigate. The output from the session is captured in the picture below:

Problem ideas

Seems that the two main ideas that gathered some traction in the session were as follows:

  1. The effects of isotonic sports drinks ingested during performance on (some performance variable).
  2. To what extent do professional sporting role models have an effect on the actions of children in football?

Use the reply function to add comments and links to interesting articles you’ve read. They don’t have to be peer-reviewed academic articles at this stage; anything relevant will be useful.


One thought on “Week 2: Choosing a direction

  1. Jack Dent

    Just to point out, I have thought of another problem topic that I find quite interesting, and that is related to participation in Rugby in 16-21 year olds – what is it that stops them playing? What stops a 15 year old rugby player from becoming a 25 year old rugby player? Just to put another point out there, hope that’s ok!


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