Week 10/11: Pulling it all together

In the final sessions we did a bit of work planning for the writing of the study as we await some data. First, we developed a plan for data analysis which I have summarised here:

ISS data analysis instructions

We also suggested a plan was required to write the paper, so I prepared an outline, cribbed from Jess’ work, that gives a reasonably detailed description of the structure and what should be in each section:

ISS Paper Outline

Finally, I promised to do a few things before leaving in order to ensure support for the project was still in place. I have made a list of these things and will make sure I keep up my end of the bargain. I sincerely hope that we get some good data and that you can write a decent paper with it. My email for contact after March 28th will be: dpiggott33@gmail.com

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